How Friends DD Service Works

We send 2 drivers in one car to where you and your vehicle are. One of our professional drivers drives you home in your vehicle and the other driver follows. This gets you and your car home safe and sound and protects all others on the road. You don’t risk a DUI. You wake up with your vehicle in your driveway (and not left overnight in a parking lot).

When you make a reservation or booking, please tell us:

  1. If you have a standard transmission vehicle.
  2. If you have a “hand controlled” vehicle.
  3. Whether you would like your drivers to contact you via text or phone.
  4. Any special instructions.

Reservations are dispatched to the closest driver pair 30 minutes in advance. Bookings are dispatched to the closest free driver pair.

Our drivers will contact you with an ETA when they are on their way to you. Our drivers will contact you again when they are about 5 minutes away. Please prepare to depart.

Once the drivers arrive, we hope you are ready to leave. However, there is a 5 minute grace period, when warranted. After the 5 minute grace period has passed, there is a $1.00 per minute “waiting fee”. You can cancel your booking after the drivers have arrived by paying a $30.00 cancellation fee.

You give your keys to our designated driver. You and all your guests get into your vehicle. Guests are not permitted to ride in the chase vehicle.

The designated driver will take enough time to adjust all mirrors, seat, seat belts and familiarize themselves with your vehicle. If asked, please assist to get heat and airflow over the the windshield so that the windows do not fog up. Feel free to use your radio or sound system after you are underway.

Everyone must wear a seat belt. No open alcohol. Cigarette smoking – ask your driver for permission and crack a window.

If you have a preferred route home, appoint a “designated navigator” who will be responsible for all directions. If you leave the route up to your driver, the driver will use a navigation APP to select a route.

Your designated driver will pay special attention to the “chase vehicle” – the car that follows to pick up the designated driver at the end of the ride. Our 2 drivers work together to get you safely home.

As you approach your destination, please give the driver precise parking instructions:

  1. For houses with garages, we will park outside the garage until everyone has exited the vehicle. If your driver is not comfortable parking your vehicle inside your garage please respect that decision. Your vehicle and garage are unfamiliar to our driver and we do not want to risk damage.
  2. For condos with underground garages, let your driver know if the chase vehicle can follow you into the garage and get out again without using a security device.

Once safely parked, the chase driver will text the exact distance traveled to the designated driver who will calculate the fare. We accept cash and all major credit cards. If you enjoyed the service given, gratuities are very welcomed by your drivers. 100% of tips go to the drivers.

Receipts: If required, credit card receipts can be emailed or texted to you at the time of payment. Cash receipts are issued by email the next day by scanning and emailing the original receipt (no duplicate receipts). Please give your driver your email address.

Be a responsible drinker. Plan how you’re going to get home safely, before you start drinking.