Friends DD’s professional designated driver service is your most affordable option. Costs a little more than a one way taxi ride, a lot less than 2 taxi rides and thousands of dollars less than a DUI! Download the FRIENDS DD APP and get a price estimate for your trip.

Friends DD strives to offer the very best designated driver service AND the LOWEST PRICE. WE have the best service and the lowest price in Greater Vancouver.

Friends DD fees are generally less than $10 more than a one way taxi ride:

  1. $13.20 pick up fee (We are $10 more than a one way taxi. Taxis charge a $3.20 pick up fee)
  2. $1.84 per km (Taxis charge $1.84 per km)
  3. We have a $30.00 minimum fare (rides of less than 9.1km are all $30.00)
  4. $6.00 per toll bridge crossing (Port Mann and Golden Ears)
  5. $5.00 per fast food drive-thru, convenience store or ATM stop
  6. $1.00 per minute waiting time (see below)
  7. We DO NOT charge the $0.10 per 11 seconds that a taxi charges when it is not moving. This is why our fare is less than $10 more than a one way taxi ride.
  8. We DO NOT charge for dropping off friends along the way as some other companies do.
  9. All of our charges are GST included.

WAITING TIME: We have a 5 minute “grace period” before starting to charge “waiting time”. You have 5 minutes from the time our car arrives to get underway in your vehicle. You will be given an accurate ETA via phone or text message from your driver and/or the “count down” feature on our Smartphone APP. Please be ready to leave when our car arrives.

CANCELLATION FEE: Should you choose to cancel your ride once the drivers arrive at the specified pick up location, there is a $30.00 cancellation fee.

PAYMENT: We accept cash or credit cards. Sorry, we cannot process debit cards or Debit Credit Cards. NOTE: We do not require a credit card to book a ride.

GRATUITIES: 100% of all tips go to our drivers.