For use by managers and servers at bars, pubs and restaurants to book a ride on behalf of a patron.


How to use:

1. Create a simple account
2. Login
3. You can book a safe ride home for a patron by asking your patron a few simple questions and filling in the form on this page:

  • Their name
  • Their cell phone number
  • Their email (optional)
  • If you also want notifications (ie. Driver is “On route” and “Driver has arrived”) tick the box “Send me trip notifications”
  • Pickup location – your establishment (NOTE: MUST choose from dropdown menu)
  • Drop-off location – their home address (NOTE: MUST choose from dropdown menu)
  • Today’s date
  • The time they want to leave (NOTE: at least 30 minutes later)
  • Promo Code – If you have a private code, enter it here
  • Driver instructions. (Ask for server, deal directly with patron)
  • Click on “Get Quote” to give patron an estimate
  • Click on “Schedule Now” to book the ride for your patron