We are a Designated Driving Service covering all of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We serve all of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Friends DD will pick you up from anywhere within our service area and drive you home safely in your vehicle. This gets you and your vehicle home safely. Your vehicle is in your driveway in the morning.

We also service special events such as Wedding Receptions, Golf Tournaments, Baseball Tournaments and Corporate Events.

With the extremely strict laws and consequences of drinking and driving, Friends DD gives you the best lowest cost choice, 24/7 364 days a year (we are closed Christmas Day). We are always here to drive you home whenever you need us.



Taxis don’t. When you plan on an evening out when you will be drinking, PLAN AHEAD and make a reservation. You can “adjust” your reservation later. Our peak periods are 10PM to 4AM Friday and Saturday evenings. We strongly recommend you make a reservation during peak periods. Make your best estimate of when you will need a ride, make a reservation and then “adjust” your reservation – if you want to leave earlier or later just give us a 30 minute heads up and phone us at (604) 670-0505. You will maintain a high priority pick up time for your new reserved time.



  1. Phone (604) 670-0505
  2. Text (604) 670-0505