Our regular fare is a $21 pickup fee and $2.40 per km with a $40 minimum fare.

All fares are measured on the Taximeter APP that our drivers have on their cell phones. You are shown the meter and you can trust the accuracy of the fare. Compare our fare to other companies with a $25 or higher pickup fee and $2.50 or higher per km and $50 or higher minimum fares.


$5.00 per fast food, gas station, convenience store, liquor store or ATM stop. $10 on the weekend.

$2.00 per minute waiting time (see below)

GST is included in fare – not an extra as charged by some other companies.

We DO NOT charge extra for dropping off friends along the way provided you give us all drop-off addresses at time of booking.

WAITING TIME: We have a 5 minute “grace period” before starting to charge “waiting time” of $2 per minute. We do not want to charge you waiting time but we do want to keep our commitment to stay on schedule for all the rides following yours. You have 5 minutes from the time our driver’s car arrives to get underway before “waiting time” is added. Your drivers will give you a very accurate ETA when your drivers are on route to you and they will arrive within 2 minutes of that ETA. Please be ready to leave when our drivers arrive. They are on a very tight schedule.

CANCELLATION FEES: If you cancel your ride one hour or more prior to your scheduled pickup time there is no charge. Should you choose to cancel your ride once the drivers are on route, there is a $30.00 cancellation fee. If you cancel the trip after the drivers have arrived, there is a $60.00 cancellation fee.

DEPOSIT: The first time you use Captain’s Designated Drivers you may be asked for a $50.00 deposit on your credit card. The deposit goes towards your fare. We do not require deposits from our regular customers.

PAYMENT:  We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Receipts: Credit and debit card receipts are emailed or texted to you at the time of payment. Cash receipts are issued by email the next day by scanning and emailing the original receipt (no duplicate receipts). Please give your driver your email address.

GRATUITIES: 100% of all tips go to our drivers.

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